The Prime Elements

The collage pieces are based upon the interplay of components that I refer to as “Prime Elements.”   The elements such as geographic location, personal experience, prime numbers, and primary colours etc. are “irreducible” in the sense that I regard them as being absolute.

  1. Prime Numbers (those numbers that are divisible only by themselves and the number one)
  2. The primary colours of red, yellow, and blue often used as successive glazes as well as direct application
  3. References to the “Continental Divide” – the watershed whereby precipitation flows either to the west (Pacific) or east (Atlantic) oceans. The Continental Divide is used as a metaphor for the complex relationship between the left and right hand sides of the brain.
  4. The use of postage stamps (both British and Canadian), references to writings and images appropriated from historical images serve as personal and universal symbols of communication in the context of the illusiveness of memory.



During the process of art-making,much residual material has accumulated.  The contemplation of this material and its associations has resulted in a continuous series of mixed media pieces many of which incorporate the word FRAGMENTS in their title.  The word refers metaphorically to fragmented memories and associations whereby previous experiences in life, both geographical and temporal have become displaced and re-structured.  It also refers literally to the use of fragments as collage elements in the work.  Fragments of personal writings, fragments of correspondence, maps, sketches, photographs etc;  including fragments of, and references to, earlier work.  The work has become essentially autobiographical.